My Own Work

I enjoy comic books, and my main hobby is drawing comic strips myself. I haven’t learned how to do it on computers yet, so I am still doing it with pencil on paper. I have very much released my creative side over the years. My personal creation is a series called “Griswold And Friends”. This little comic series I have created is about a funny guy named Griswold, who goes through his everyday life being a oddball, but is still a good-hearted and trustworthy person. The series takes place in a world of strange creatures instead of humans, so Griswold is a weird-looking green creature.


The other characters include: Fluffy (Griswol’s best friend), Stuart, Lizard Lord, Mix-Max, Beverly (Griswold’s love interest), Dixie,  Dak, and Badly Drawn Horse.


Marvel Topics: Batman

Batman is by far one of the greatest heroes to ever be created. Dark, tough and extremely protective of his home city, Bruce Wayne, A.K.A Batman, is what brings all you Marvel fans entertainment. What makes this hero the best is his bat-themed gadgets, awesome secret lair, special moves, and popular catchphrase. You probably know what I mean.

Another fantastic thing about Batman is that he has the most enemies beyond all the other heroes; from great ones like the Joker, to the most funny ones like the Condiment King. You can find a great Batman from Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer or Adam West, but the real one you are looking for is in the comic books. So turn of the TV, collect your cash, buy one at your nearest book store and get to reading.

In conclusion, for all things related to Batman, I give them two big thumbs up.


Marvel Topics: Superman

I personally believe that the number one greatest Marvel super hero is none other than Superman. What is better then an alien warrior with the powers every hero wants? The answer is…..nothing. If Superman can stop a speeding bullet and leap tall buildings without getting injured, then who wouldn’t want to be a fan of this guy?

Superman has brought many wonders to children and other fans. Like most Marvel characters, he has his own action figures, TV shows and movies. Not to mention his very amazing symbol. When it comes to fighting evil villains and saving the day, Superman is the one to call, especially if you are looking for a great comic book to read.


Marvel Topics: Spider-Man

One of the many super heroes of Marvel that has been around for so long is the Amazing Spider-Man. As a child, I use to be a big fan of this hero. What else is more amazing then a teenager with spider powers? Spider-Man has gained high popularity; from comic books and action figures, to video games, TV shows and movies.

The Spider-Man series is without a doubt one of the best things to read. Spider-Man, A.K.A Peter Parker, makes one incredible hero for anyone’s enjoyment. If you are looking for action, adventure and a true symbol of epic justice, then Marvel’s Spider-Man is what you are looking for.


Bone Review

During my years in Middle School, I had an interest in collecting a comic book series called Bone, created by American Cartoonist Jeff Smith. The series was about three short, bald, and white creatures with big noses named “Fone Bone”, “Phoney Bone” and “Smiley Bone”, who are cousins and part of a species called “Bones”. In the story arc, they are run out of their city, Boneville, and end up in a 19th century human village where they meet a woman named Thorn and her grandmother, who offer to let them live on their farm and help them find a way to return home. Along the way, they face big hairy monsters known as “Rat Creatures” and befriend dragons.

During midway, the characters learn about Thorn’s secret history and a dreaded threat known as “The Lord Of The Locus”. All this eventually leads to a climatic battle for peace and harmony. All and all, the series of Bone is a fascinating adventure to follow, combined with it’s great art work, action, character design and it’s bits of humor. My true favorite part of reading the books was it’s humor; involving the characters providing comic relief when they got into tough and awkward situations.

It takes a good imagination to help create comics and cartoons, and in Jeff Smith’s case, he is by far one of the most greatest creative types to ever live. There are a total of nine books containing chapters of the series, and I have read them all. If you haven’t, then you  should look for them and buy them. That way, you too can experience and enjoy Bone as much as I did.

You can look up information about Jeff Smith and his work at


Scott Pilgrim Review

4874441679_ec3f08cf1d_bMost comic book series have tons of action, but the biggest action packed series is; Scott Pilgrim, created by Bryan Lee O’ Malley. The series takes place in a world of bizarre people with super-human powers. The main character is Scott Pilgrim, a charming young adult with epic fighting powers, a wacky sense of humor, and is a guitarist of his own band.

The story line involves Scott meeting the girl of his dreams; who’s name is Ramona Flowers, but in order to be able to date her, he must battle and defeat an army of her seven past exes, who call themselves “The League Of Evil Exes”. There is so much action and fighting in this series, I have nothing else to say, except that it is an adventure worth reading. The good news is that there isn’t any blood, despite all the hard hitting. The battles are sort of like something you see in a video game, things that break the law of physics. When villains are defeated, they turn into coins, which I personally believe is funny. In 2010, a move was made based off of the comic, titled; Scott Pilgrim VS The World, starring Michael Cera as Scott. The point is, this series is totally awesome.

If you love stories about action packed fighting, then get into Scott Pilgrim. You’ll get both excitement, and a good laugh in the process.